Ultrasound during pregnancy last
Preparing for childbirth. What you need to know before giving birth and when to go to the hospital
During pregnancy, any woman must undergo 3 scheduled ultrasounds, plus additional ones according to
How often can an ultrasound be done?
Ultrasound during pregnancy. When to do it, what types are there, where to do an ultrasound in Moscow?
Category: Medical news The most common method for detecting diseases of internal organs, joints, and confirming the fact of pregnancy
Can an ultrasound not show pregnancy? Can they not see pregnancy on an ultrasound? Why is it important to detect an ectopic pregnancy early?
Why is the embryo not visible on ultrasound? It happens that a woman who saw the long-awaited two stripes
Secrets of diagnosing pregnancy using the jet test
Every woman periodically, in one context or another, faces the question of early diagnosis of pregnancy.
Pregnant woman blood test
What is the difference: types of ultrasound (ultrasound examination)
Preparation and necessary research Before an ultrasound examination, a woman should definitely empty her bladder.
What happens if you overexpose a pregnancy test in your urine?
How long do drugs last in urine? Psychotropic substances are determined in biological fluids (saliva, urine,
What are the dangers of low hCG levels in early pregnancy?
Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a special hormone that begins to be produced after the attachment of a fertilized egg
Heart disease and pregnancy
Congenital heart disease in children - are genetics and ecology to blame?
Mom's health There were times when heart disease was the cause of infertility - giving birth to such women
Dough with cheese is something! Cheese sticks in the oven for one or two
Cheese sticks are a crispy, creamy dough with cheese baked in the oven, unimaginable
To improve literacy
“At the peak of the epidemic, we can talk about millions of tests” There is still no mass testing for coronavirus in Russia. The developer of such tests, Vladimir Kolin, explained to Meduza what the problem is
How accurate is the test? In addition to choosing the right time for a pregnancy test, remember that it
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