Catarrhal otitis media
Catarrhal otitis in a child - symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Inflammation of the middle ear is a fairly common phenomenon in the practice of ENT specialists, which is called catarrhal
X-ray of the lungs is one of the methods for diagnosing encysted pleurisy
How to treat pleurisy in adults at home using folk remedies?
Pleurisy is an inflammatory process in the lungs, as a result of which a sick person experiences
Viral rhinitis: symptoms, treatment and prevention
Viral rhinitis is an inflammatory runny nose caused by viruses that infect the nasal mucosa. As soon as
What's happened
Risk groups for tuberculosis among adults and children
Pulmonary tuberculosis is a highly contagious infectious disease characterized by the formation of specific foci in the affected tissues
Ways to prevent pneumonia: will a sanatorium and sea air help?
Editor Daria Tyutyunnik Doctor, forensic expert For such a common disease as pneumonia (or inflammation
What is laryngitis?
What is chronic hyperplastic laryngitis, its symptoms and treatment
Author's rating Author of the article Elena Stanislavovna Zelenaya Otolaryngologist of the second category Articles written 665
Is bronchitis contagious?
Is bronchitis contagious? Prevention, symptoms and treatment of bronchitis
Fever, cough, severe chest pain - all these signs may indicate the beginning of
How to get rid of noise in the ears and head using folk remedies
Treating tinnitus on the advice of advertising, friends and neighbors is a failure, because
How to cure chronic pharyngitis ICD 10 code forever
Adults are more likely to suffer from pharyngitis, and children are more likely to suffer from tonsillitis. Genetics and lifestyle don't matter
Is it possible to put mustard plasters on bronchitis: acute and obstructive? Where to apply and how often to apply
Home » Acute bronchitis » How to place mustard plasters correctly Features of using the method For children
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