healthy kidney and kidney with polycystic disease
Microliths in the kidneys: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Polycystic kidney disease is a disease that affects the kidney tissue and is expressed in the appearance of cysts of various types.
Is hepatitis C completely and permanently curable in adults and children?
Is there a cure for hepatitis C? This is a question whose answer has changed. In 20th century
Can your stomach hurt with hemorrhoids?
Lifestyle with hemorrhoids: what can and cannot be done?
Can your stomach hurt with hemorrhoids and how are these sensations related to the manifestation of this?
Vitamin U is found in vegetables
Vitamin U: all about the vitamin and its role in human life
A little history Vitamin U was discovered, aka S-methylmethionine, aka methylmethionine sulfonium, aka
Predisposing factors for the development of the disease
Common complications of inguinal hernia in men
Causes of inguinal hernia formation in men Due to the structural features of the canal, hernias in
Bedridden patient
How to treat constipation in adults depending on the cause
What is it? Constipation is a condition of the body in which bowel movements are very difficult.
Nonspecific colitis - causes and symptoms of the disease, diagnosis, treatment methods and prevention
Causes Why the intestines become inflamed, doctors have still not been able to reliably find out. It is generally accepted that
What are the benefits of fiber for the body?
How fiber is beneficial for the human body: types, properties, content in products
No one will deny that human health directly depends on a balanced and proper diet.
How to treat lipomatosis? The need for pathology therapy
Excision of neoplasms of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (lipoma, atheroma, etc.) with suture 6500
What can a three-glass urine sample tell us?
Three-glass urine sample: purpose, urine collection, interpretation of results
Urine is a unique biological material, the study of which makes it possible to diagnose diseases not only of the urinary system,
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