Should you be afraid when high hemoglobin is detected during pregnancy?
Normal hemoglobin level during pregnancy information The normal hemoglobin level in pregnant women is 110-140 g/l.
Hormonal birth control pills Median
What happens if I miss 1 birth control pill?
How do birth control pills affect the body? Birth control pills contain ethinyl estradiol and progestin
Mumps in children: what is mumps and how to treat it
Mumps: general concepts The full name of the disease is epidemiological mumps. Today it is not
attachment of the umbilical cord to the placenta marginal what to do
Umbilical cord during pregnancy: features and pathologies
The marginal attachment of the umbilical cord to the placenta is a relatively rare cause for concern for the expectant mother.
Black and white pictures for newborns
Harmonious development from birth – educational pictures for newborns
nata_tursha all posts by the author The formation of the human brain occurs in the mother’s belly. And development
Non-stress CTG test - why is it done and what do the results mean?
Non-stress CTG test (cardiotocography), also known as fetal heart rate monitoring - prenatal testing,
Removal of the fallopian tube - indications and preparation for surgery
Fallopian tube removal is an operation that is performed on many women at different ages. Sometimes
How long does a woman have vaginal discharge after childbirth?
During pregnancy, women stop bleeding during menstruation and there is no discharge
What to do when a pregnant woman gets a cold?
Guard! Everyone sneezes in minibuses, the boss goes around spreading bacilli at work, and on sick leave
Non-developing ectopic pregnancy. Case from practice
Discharge during ectopic pregnancy When the egg is fertilized, the menstrual cycle stops, and therefore when
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