The largest belly of a pregnant woman. The largest pregnant belly in the world
A small belly during pregnancy worries the expectant mother. She begins to think about what
Causes of drowsiness in the third trimester of pregnancy
The last months of pregnancy are the most difficult for a woman. The body is under increased stress, all organs are working
Mom talking to baby
Komarovsky: 7 tips to help your baby talk
How to help a child speak and what parents can do for this, suggested the most famous
ALL payments and benefits for the birth of a child in 2020
General information According to current legislation, every pregnant woman can receive various types of benefits,
Premature baby
How correctly and when is it better to introduce the first complementary foods for premature babies on artificial feeding?
Every pregnant woman knows that the “interesting situation” lasts for 9 months. Due date
The baby began to move less at 36 weeks of pregnancy
Weight and height of the baby The age of the baby, at the end of the 7th month of pregnancy, is 30 weeks.
Baby's routine at 6 months - 4 important rules for parents
Issues related to children's sleep have always worried young parents. In particular, many are interested in the duration
Postpartum underwear - Bandage
Do belly shapers help after childbirth?
After the birth of a child, women often begin to worry about their figure. The main problem is
39th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and the expectant mother, harbingers of childbirth
Insomnia during pregnancy. How to deal with sleep disorders Insomnia in a pregnant woman in the third
Types of bandage
How to put on a prenatal bandage correctly and not harm the baby?
What is a bandage? What is a prenatal bandage and why is it needed? This is special
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