list of things for a newborn in the first months
At what age do you need a separate crib for a newborn?
Determine the basic requirements for a crib for a newborn in each specific case, even its dimensions
Discharge from the mammary glands in pregnant women. Discharge of colostrum during pregnancy: norm and pathology 37th week of pregnancy discharge from the mammary glands
A natural process: A pregnant woman’s body gradually restructures itself in preparation for future feeding of the baby. Woman and
Why does fluid leak from the suture after surgery? Serous fluid after surgery, causes and elimination. Causes of suture inflammation
After the operation, you will be observed by a doctor and will answer all questions about treatment and care.
Cleansing the body before childbirth: how many days does it take for the intestines to clear, do I need to take a laxative?
Cleansing the body before childbirth - important tips Greetings to all blog readers! Health and beauty
How to get better after an episiotomy. How to go to the toilet after childbirth
Immediately after giving birth, a woman faces not only problems in feeding her baby, but
How to change and put on a newborn's diaper correctly
How to properly put on a diaper for a boy and a girl Contents Few future parents think about how to put on
When does the stomach drop during pregnancy in multiparous women and why?
Fetus at 36 weeks of gestation. The child is actively developing and thoroughly preparing for life.
A woman can give birth in water if she has no contraindications to this
Water birth – a fashion trend or a return to nature?
Sometimes I just want to say: everything with us is not like people! Experiments, new products,
Contractions after childbirth: how to relieve pain. Mother's condition after childbirth. Mom's problems: postpartum contractions and discharge, caring for sutures
Very often, after childbirth, a woman faces the problem of pain in the lower abdomen. The reasons for this phenomenon
Rattle - ring
Rattles for newborns: how to choose a quality toy for your baby
As soon as a baby appears in the house, his first toy immediately appears -
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